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Meet local and other expat singles. Global dating for singles who live and travel internationally!

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A Dating Site for Expat & Foreign Singles Worldwide. Global dating for singles who live and travel internationally!
Meet local and other expat singles wherever you are in the world. Find a friend, a date or a life partner on ExpatMeet.com!

We have a large number of expat singles like you on our site. We also have a very large number of local singles on ExpatMeet.com. These local singles join us directly, or their profiles are made available to you through software-based database integration with hundreds of local partner dating sites around the world. You can communicate with these singles in English, or in the local language of the place you are at.

Tip: Use the Translation button provided on the profile page. If the profiles are written in a language other than English-this translation tool will translate the profile text into English.

ExpatMeet was founded by an expat who has traveled extensively all over the world-North & Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. In his single days (he is married now-met his wife online when he was traveling in South America), he realized how difficult it was to meet singles in a place where you don't know anyone, where you may not speak the local language fluently, or may not know the culture and customs very well. With ExpatMeet, we hope that all expat and foreign singles traveling and living worldwide will find friends (and hopefully, a love) more easily. We are a truly international dating site with millions of members globally.

* A lot of the functionality of this website is free, but to take advantage of all the features, please sign-up for a paid subscription. Monthly subscription fees are about Euro €10 to Euro €20 (US $15 to US $25) per month, depending upon the country you are in. The subscription fees are heavily discounted if you sign-up for 3-month or 6-month subscriptions-you will save a significant amount of money if you subscribe for several months in one payment. A Gold membership lets you send and receive messages from other paid members. A VIP add-on membership lets you send and receive messages from all members (both paid and unpaid).

* We are a team of American, European and Asian expats ourselves. With Expatmeet.com, we have created a global platform for singles to meet each other anywhere in the world. Thanks to developments in software and technology, we have become one of the world's largest dating sites for singles who live and travel internationally.

* Live Chat: text, voice and video in most countries.

* In-depth Search Features: search users based on age, geographical location (city, state, country), physical characteristics, users online in last 24 hours, etc.

* Multilingual interface and support (more than 20 languages. Please use the language selector on top right of this page).

* Our network has millions of users worldwide. 1000s of new singles join us everyday.

* If you are planning to move or travel to another country in the future, you can start emailing and chatting with singles in the new country right away. Your one account can be used to converse with users worldwide (our competitors have different dating sites for different countries, you need multiple accounts to communicate with singles of other countries-which makes it cumbersome and costly).

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